• Turn Your Passion into an Effective Business

    Las Vegas – Sat. Mar. 15, 10AM – 5PM What You Will Learn: How to Think and Implement as a Business Person Branding Your Business – and Yourself! Why this is important, and How to Do It Marketing and Promoting What the difference is, and How to create compelling, effective campaigns How to STAND OUT(…)

  • You Are The Sum of How You Spend Your Time

    During my one-day course, Establishing Your Ground, whether in a class room situation or one-on-one, I ask my clients a very important question: “If you had $86,400 in your account every day, and what you didn’t use, you lose, but at midnight you got another $86,400 every day, how would you spend it on your(…)

  • Posting for Performance

    This is really just the basics, the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to Posting for Performance, and I am using Facebook as the only example here. We’ve all heard how powerful social media can be for business. The operative words there are, “can be.” If you are posting on Facebook, for example, and(…)

  • Lucky Number 13 for a Mentally Strong Business Mind

    In our mission to provide quality education, training and consulting for people from all areas of the arts on how to be better business people, we are always doing our best to pass on quality third-party information as well. There is a great article written by Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker, (…)

  • Social Media: Necessary Evils?

    I have observed posts by people and have heard personally from others two main reasons why they are averse to embracing all the social media platforms out there – or at least even hesitant to dive into a few: There’s too much Drama on Social Media It’s too much work Well, there are A LOT(…)

Marketing The Creative Mind provides business classes and consulting for serious creatives.  We help you turn your passion into an income-generating business, or we help you improve the business you’ve started.

Our classes are for those in the Visual Arts & Performing Arts, Music, Hair, Make-Up, Fashion, Film and Video, Graphic Arts, Interior Design, Photography, Writing, Healing Arts, Culinary Arts – All Areas of the Arts!

Mr. Shinder delivers inspiring and insightful presentations that include his experiences and advice for those who want to make a living doing what they love. He’s been able to do what he loves throughout his 35-year career in the arts, working within the music, performing arts, video, film and television industries — he has been able to turn his knowledge and business acumen into a popular media company, followed by people in 70 countries.

Often, Dan is joined by guest speakers who are experts in their fields.  Based in Las Vegas, we take our classes and consulting anywhere in the world – in person or online.


A great job of explaining both the how and the why

I found the course perfect for a right-brained person like me.  We right-brainers like to know not only how things work but why they work, and Dan does a great job of explaining both the how and the why.  The social media component of the training is also a must for any creative type who is befuddled by the ins and outs of Facebook.

 - John Speasmaker
Tour Local Color.com
Round Rock, TX

Thorough instructions on building and branding your business was perfect for me.

I am a CPA so the creative part of building an online business is where I need help.  Dan’s detailed and thorough instructions on building and branding your business was perfect for me.  I also got a lot of benefit from learning about how important social media is in getting your branding message out.  I am a very social person, but I learned how social media can help spread the word.

- Heidi Speasmaker
Round Rock, TX